Weedy Sea Dragon

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You’re fired, you should really do research to back up your thoughts.

>**As with seahorses**, the male leafy seadragon cares for the eggs. The female produces up to 250 bright pink eggs, then deposits them on to the male’s tail via a long tube. The eggs then attach themselves to a brood patch, which supplies them with oxygen. It takes a total of nine weeks for the eggs to begin to hatch, depending on water conditions. The eggs turn a ripe purple or orange over this period, after which the male pumps its tail until the infants emerge, a process which takes place over 24–48 hours. The male aids in the babies hatching by shaking his tail, and rubbing it against seaweed and rocks. Once born, the infant seadragon is completely independent, eating small zooplankton until large enough to hunt mysids. Only about 5% of the eggs survive. Leafy seadragons take about 28 months to reach sexual maturity.

Ladies lay the eggs, guys take care of the eggs and hatches the eggs.

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