The Endangered Takahē

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We were visiting New Zealand a few years ago and decided to have a look around a wildlife park. We were stopped at one large enclosure, trying to figure out what animal was hiding in there, but could only see some water birds wandering around the mud and eating out of trays.

“Bloody swamp hens,” said dad, “getting in everywhere and stealing food.” This was overheard by a keeper, who informed us in a rather distressed tone that the birds we were complaining about were in fact the rare takahe birds, a major drawcard for the park. They are in fact descended from dirt common purple swamp hens which had been blown across from Australia at some point and then, through the amazing power of evolution, lost the power of flight and become the favoured food of foxes and cats everywhere. We stared at them for a while, digesting this news, before deciding that the purple swamp hens that visit the pond next to our house were more attractive, and left.

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