For my cakeday, I give you a Cheetahs and their prey

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[Here are some sobering statistics]( The point of the post was to raise similarities between the two cultures. Most people are offended when humans are compared to animals. I’m not. There is much to learn from doing so. Let’s take the Cheetah life and compare it to the Lion life. While the lion cubs are not as closely guarded as other species cubs, they are constantly protected by both the pride males and females. The females never leave the pride while the males are ejected upon reaction maturity to go and contend for their own pride. Thus expanding upon the blood line.

Cheetah society is much different. Upon reaching maturity, females go off on their own while the males congregate and hunt together. They then compete for the female they stumble upon who is in estrus. Once pregnant, they part ways and the female will raise as many as 5 cubs on her own without any help from any male or female. This results in 9 out of 10 cheetah cubs not reaching maturity due to early death. Only half make it to adolescence. Lion cubs on the other hand enjoy better odds, though they do have their challenges. There is a lot of insight to be gained about humans from the study of animal cultures. Trends are trends and until they are reversed they will continue in their direction.

TL;DR You can’t run from your problems even if you are the fastest land animal.

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