Arctic wolf looking straight into my lens @ CFS Alert

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I suck at being upclose to wild animals

I’ve told this story a few times on reddit, but when I was like 10 and kayaking with my brother, a pod of dolphins swam right up to us. I literally cried. Easily the scariest moment of my life by far. And before I had been one of those people that says, “omg I would love a dolphin to swim up to me like that!”

It’s scary, like really scary. Picture 6-8 foot long beasts swimming right up to you, literally less than 3 feet away. And it’s a pod, so you know they’re under you as well. Afterwards, I remembered stories about Dolphins saving people, but at the time it was sooooo freaky, hence the crying- and I only cry in understandably emotional films like Toy Story 3.

It was very scary. And I live in California, near the coast. I can honestly say that since then (I’m 24 now) I’ve been in the ocean no more than 5 times. I get the heebie jeebies. Just writing it down gives me the chills

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