Sailfin Lizard

Nope. It’s a sailfin lizard. Some dealer call them dragons. I can’t tell which hydrosaur it is, but [take a look.](

A Goshawk about to take its prey.

Goshawks are pretty terrifying. I don’t have first hand experience in this, but I had a friend who stayed up in northern Minnesota to do a grouse survey – and every time they went back to their cabin they had to pass a goshawk’s

Olympic Chipmunk

I’m not sure what makes it “Olympic” (top of the heap, perhaps?), but this is a brilliant photo nonetheless. Thanks for sharing, OP!

King Cheetah

The title of this post is why! King cheetahs, as they’re called, have a [mutation]( which gives them their stripes. The longer fur and stockier build is indeed because it’s a juvenile. I’ve actually never seen a juvenile king cheetah before, so this is

Weedy Sea Dragon

You’re fired, you should really do research to back up your thoughts. BAM! >**As with seahorses**, the male leafy seadragon cares for the eggs. The female produces up to 250 bright pink eggs, then deposits them on to the male’s tail via a long

A three-month-old Sumatran tiger cub named Bandar reacts after being dunked in the tiger exhibit moat for a swimming test at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. All cubs born at the zoo must take a swim test before being allowed to roam in the exhibit. Bandar passed his test.

Sometimes the right thing FEELS like the wrong thing, but it’s not. I would feel terrible dropping a tiger into the water, but it’s better than letting him drown because he can’t swim. When I was flying rehabbed raptors on a creance (like a

Canada lynx (lynx canadesis)

My goodness… those paws… I get that animals that live in snow generally need built-in snowshoes, and that they also typically need a good amount of fur, but yowza… I would not want to be on the receiving end of even a playful bat

Caracal, African cat

I got a shot of a [leopard with a similar stare](http:[email protected]/7956477016/in/photostream/lightbox/) into the camera.

Eurasian Wolf

Does the term “Eurasian” relate to the colour of the wolf? Because There’s a bird called a Eurasian wigeon that has “rusty” coloured head VS the American wigeon which has a green and cream coloured head. Just curious.