American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

They eat people all the time! Last year, Sarasota County Florida, Chet Willard, age 16, swimming in the Oak River Canal, killed by an 11-footer. Two years ago, Chatham County Georgia, Ruth Baker, age 39, killed in her backyard by a 10-footer. Same year,

A lynx I saw outside of Dawson, YT

You are highly correct of course : ) I see all other people as just me on a different day of the week. Whenever I’m mad at someone I compare their actions to something similar I’ve done myself, and I realize “oh well, that’s

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

I don’t assume evolution is intelligent. The assumption i made is that for a body, producing 16 different types of receptors is more burdensome than producing less of them. The other assumption i made is that the lifespan of the mantis shrimp is a

My new chameleon, just after a shed

I had one (veiled) for a year without any problems. Just kept up on the moisture, kept my place fairly warm, used a timer for the lights, fed her a few crickets daily with a powdered supplement on them. She also ate some of

Orphaned cheetah cubs

The picture is titled “Orphaned Cheetah Cubs at Mweiga National Park Headquarters”, photographed by Peter Beard in 1968 [Source](

Owl wing span

I was thinking earlier today about how beautiful they are. [Bertie]( is who I was thinking of specifically.

Polar Bear in Field of Flowers

Love that fireweed! This summer I went to the north, and someone told me you can tell how long summer is going to last based on how far up the fireweed was blooming (the flowers bloom from the bottom to the top and die

Little fish escapes from pelican’s beak.

I think this may be photoshopped… The lighting between the two animals seems a little off, and I’m not sure that pelicans and wild (free ranging??) gold fish live in the same areas. I may be wrong, just seemed a little off to me.

Meditating Lemur (Eulemur rufus)

Many smaller animal species are kept in an enclosed space (especially in the US) because the general public does not listen to rules and/or dont respect the animals. This seems to be a cultural thing a lot of the time, but some species at

An eagle flying low over water

I need to know everything that went into this because I could consider my life complete if I could take a photo like this. I suspect that, aside from more patience and ahem, talent, that I’d need a pro level camera and lens rather

Oakleaf butterfly

Source: Wikipedia’s entry:

Amazing picture of a tiger in the snow

Yeah. That actually looks less useful, due to the unreasonable size. Good luck with being agile enough, while carrying that. Edit: I love how we are having this conversation, while no one else is here haha.